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Day Camp Meeting Schedule
Great Outdoors Day Camp
Scrapbook - 2000

April 30 at GJAC from 6:30pm to 9:00pm                  

May - TBA

Saturday, June 2 on-site day @ Rhodes Jordan from 9am-3pm

Current Volunteer Placement - as of 3/27/01

Unit Name Leader Volunteer PAL Confirmed
Outdoor Skills Minda Campbell
Nature Stacey Seminara Yes
Outdoor Cooking Ruth Kelly Elena Perrotto Yes/Yes
Arts & Crafts Jodi McNamara Yes
First Aid Suzanne Therrien n/a Yes
Songs & Games Colleen Gerrior Melissa Gerrior
Preschool - 4 & Under Rachel Rochford
Asst.  Kathy Martin
Ashley White Yes/Yes
Boys Group (4-10) Etnel Meyer Yes
Rising 1st Grade
Asst. Kim Kiser
Elizabeth Reed
Rising 2nd Grade
 (dark blue)
L-Ima Wooton
Rising 2nd Grade
(light blue)
L-Tracey Walsh
Asst. Cindy Farrington
Rising 3rd Grade
L-Kecia Fischer
Asst. Dawn Anderson
Heather Loper Yes-Dawn
Rising 4th Grade
L-Sonya Edwards
Rising 5th Grade
Asst. Cheryl Wood
Cadettes on the Go

Help us fill in the gaps!   Volunteers are still needed. 
Please contact Leah Loper or Christina Bowles 
if you can help in any way!

Great Outdoors Day Camp
Scrapbook - 2000